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The Hope Corner

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When creating this website I felt it was important that whether you decide to work with me or not, I wanted you to leave this site with a sense of hope and encouragement for your own life, via information that promotes self worth, self love, self development and self appreciation.


    Kintsugi: The art of precious scars







I was drawn to a Japanese art called 'Kintsugi'. This traditional Japanese art is the repairing of broken ceramics (bowl, teapot or precious vases) to give a new lease of life to pottery. It does this by highlighting and enhancing the breaks and creating a new piece of art, and I was inspired as it teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride.

The Kintsugi technique suggests many things that can be applied to a change of thought regarding how we feel about our experiences and the perception of those understandings as well as how we feel about ourselves.


An idea the technique suggests is highlighting the cracks, damages and faults, using gold, silver or platinum dust when reforming the piece of art with the broken objects or pieces. The view point is when an object breaks it doesn’t mean that it is no longer useful. Its breakages can aid the object to become valuable and special as it stands alone and unique, to any other object. 


The point I take from this and I hope resonates with you is that we should try to repair things (the broken pieces) because sometimes in doing so we acquire/become a more valued object.

This can be interpreted as the essence of resilience as well as recognising that the broken pieces and cracks that are seen creates a uniqueness (individuality about us) never to be imitated, resembling our ability to cope with traumatic events in a positive way without fear, whilst learning from negative experiences by taking the best from them and convincing ourselves that these experiences make each person unique and priceless.

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