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"Live as though life was created for you."

Maya Angelo

About Me

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My personal and professional experience in life as a Black Male has cultivated a desire in me to support and promote any individual's autonomy and need to find their own voice in any aspect of their life. This drives me to provide a space of hope and encouragement with all of my clients through a non judgement, empathic, genuine attitude especially towards males (especially from ethnic backgrounds) who feel misunderstood and angry and are not sure why. I feel it is important to support the idea that men can talk and share thoughts and feelings and this does not make them seem weak as it is clear that suicide is one of the biggest killers among men in the UK which seems to attach to an inability to express inner pain.


I am a Counsellor/therapist/Supervisor in private practice in London that can work both face to face and online with individuals, couples or other relationship dynamics (siblings, parent to child etc) and my practice is flexible, within working hours, contact methods (phone, online platforms) and location (accessible by car, train or bus) and able to work with everyone (also students).

I also work as a Senior Counsellor in a all male prison and I have previous working experience in the health and social care industry for over 10 years and accumulated a wealth of experience working with people of many different backgrounds from young people dealing with isolation, low self esteem and conflicting family dynamics, to mental health conditions, learning disabilities and substances misuse issues.


As a result I have gained knowledge of working in a person centred way using creative and practical methods that meet an individuals needs to bring clarity and untangle the strands of life that may have become knotted via the experiences they have felt and lived through.

My Theoretical Model is an Integrative one and it fuses Psychodynamic (exploring past experience - via relationships and family attachments that affect the present behaviour, interactions and relationships) and Person Centred (a non judgemental, empathic, honest here and now experience) approach.


When working with clients I invite the use of artistic expression (poetry, song lyrics, drawings), as an unconscious form of expressing the internal voice and I also give space to clients to reflect on spiritual, cultural and existential issues should they wish to in a warm, authentic, accepting therapeutic relationship.


I am genuinely interested in you and your story and through collaborative working I hope that together we can aim to explore, develop an understanding and awareness, to empowering and strengthening you.

I believe all people are unique with an important, individual life story and have deep-rooted worth, so I hope to work towards an agreed tailored way of working to suit your needs being sensitive to your pace. I truly believe that it is possible to work through the struggles of life and come to a place of freedom where you are then able to live your life with renewed hope and vision.

I offer the highest level of confidentiality within the Ethical Framework of the Professional Bodies to which I belong as I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

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